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The blood pressure of children with high food prone plastic packaging

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Recently, a new study published in the American Journal of Pediatrics found that chemicals in common plastics, including food plastic packaging, increase the risk of high blood pressure in children.
New York University Langone Medical Center, University of Washington and the Penn State University School of medicine scientists for nearly 3000 children, launched a large-scale joint research. It was found that the chemical substances such as phthalic acid esters (DEHP) in the food packaging could lead to significant metabolic and hormonal abnormalities in the early stages of development in children. The scientists are concerned, colorless containing plastic flooring, plastic cup, beach balls, plastic packaging and other items of odorless toxic substances and the incidence of hypertension in adolescents increased a certain relationship.
Study on the new person in charge, pediatrics, environmental medicine and population health professor Dr. Leonardo Tel Sander said: early research found that phthalate two formic acid ester can inhibit cardiac cell function, leading to blood pressure increase, harm the health of blood vessels. But the new study is the first to show a link between phthalates and two children's heart health. New research shows that reducing children's exposure to harmful environmental chemicals, eating less plastic packaging food, to protect children's cardiovascular health is of great significance.